December 02, 1999

Cast: Greg, Crystal, Dave, The Cartoonist

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg, Crystal and Dave are sat at the table. Dave is looking around at the panels.}
Dave: {scared} These borders are closin' in on me. Man!! I gotta get outta here!!

Panel 2

{Dave climbs to the top of a ladder, facing away from the audience. Greg off panel. Cartoonist off panel.}
Cartoonist: {off panel} Why- Hey!! Get back in the comic!!
Dave: No way! I'm claustrophobic enough without having to live between four lines all the time!

Panel 3

{Cartoonist off panel.}
Cartoonist: If you don't get back in there, I'm going to start using windows paint to draw the strip...

Panel 4

{Greg and Crystal stare angrily at Dave, who has joined them at the table.}

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