Real Life character
Apple Macintosh
Gender: None
Hair: None
Age: Unknown
Job: Computer
First appearance: November 22, 2000
First line: "And just what exactly do you think you're doing?"

The Apple Macintosh used to be Dave Reynolds's computer. It was soon turned into the file server.

History Edit

The Machintosh Files Edit

Being bought on November 22, 2000 by Dave Reynolds, it quickly replaced his old PAL computer and his Dreamcast. PAL was turned into the file server, and soon was aiming for revenge. However, Apple noticed this, and warned PAL never to enter the network without its permission. Soon, the Macintosh removed his rival from the network, and then lied to Dave about it.

Quite soon, the computer discovered both Navi and Evil Tony on the same network, and vowed to destroy them all at once. But soon, Dave realised that PAL was not on the network, and went to reboot it, despite Apple's pleas for him not to enter the cupboard. PAL told Dave what was going on, and as an act of revenge for replacing all mp3s with evil plans, Dave switched off Apple and turned the evil artificial intelligence into a file server, restoring PAL to its original position.

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