Real Life character
Agent Johnson
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Age: Unknown
Job: Agent
First appearance: March 1, 2005
First line: "Command, we have the target in sight."

Agent Johnson is the primary antagonist of Tony Flansaas. It is unknown which organisation he works for, but it is government related.

History Edit

Death Station One Edit

Quite recently, the Agent has been in communication with Tony Flansaas about his newly built creation; Death Station One. Confused, the Agent has wondered why Tony has sent his address to the station, and then tried to bluff the genius about his Intergalactic Cruiser One, but Tony knew he was lying as he was still sane and alive.

Soon, a challenge was made to infiltrate the station, knowing full well that the U.S. could be destroyed, and Johnson took him up on this offer.

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